Our Story

RAD RUBBER DESIGN was originally created in 2014 as a result of my getting new wheels and tires on my 2012 FJ. I had a 3″ lift but there still was a front tire scrape when making hard sharp turns. It wasn’t bad but it was enough to get me to look and see if I could eliminate the scraping.

What I found was that the problem area was specifically a section of the inside of the factory mud flaps that extended in towards the tire. This extrusion was designed by Toyota to cover the front body mounts. After removing the mud flap I saw that there was additional space to be had by modifying the mud flap and creating a new piece (FLAP) to cover the modified mud flap. I tested multiple patterns and ended up with my FJ FENDER FLAPS. I then researched what would be the best material to use and decided on Neoprene rubber for its durability and resistance to oils and chemicals. The black natural rubber also blended great with the inside of the wheel well.

After more testing, I came up with the current installation process which requires minimal tools, skill and time. While attending my first FJ Summit in 2015 as a Sponsor/Vendor, a customer approached me and asked if I could make them a set of FJ engine splash guards as theirs were broken and falling apart. After some more research, testing and pattern making, I created a set out of the same Neoprene rubber with slight modifications that provided additional coverage. They were very heavy-duty as I wanted them to last. I introduced the Engine Splash Guards the following year at the Lone Star Toyota Jamboree.

The response was fantastic and soon word spread and people were asking if I could make them for other Toyota rigs as they had the same issues as the FJ’s. We now offer Engine Splash Guards for almost all Generations of Toyota/Lexus trucks and SUVs. In addition, we are always open to custom designs and enjoy the challenge when a customer asks… “can you make this?”.

All of our products are guaranteed and made by hand in the USA.

Best regards and safe wheeling always…


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