Just got my Rad Rubber Fender Flaps installed. Very nice to have the mud flaps back on, and everything fit great, and were great quality.
– HeathonousMonk

Nice upgraded Toyota Liners. Installed mine on a 5th gen 4Runner and the quality is much better than the factory liners. If you are looking for aftermarket Toyota Splash Guard Liners, look no further.
– 5thgenwild

Changed mine out yesterday, my old ones were brittle and falling apart. These are MUCH better quality and was a simple 15-minute install. Excellent product!
– LaFJ86

Perfect fit. I will take some pictures. But in the meantime you can add the Lexus GX470 to the list of vehicles the Splash Guards will fit! Thanks again for such a great product!
– Eric Bartel

Hey man… Those splash guards are awesome. Blew away the factories and at half the price of factory replacements, it was a hell of a deal.
– David Hartzell

I had completed my body mount chop and was looking for a solution to the problem of retaining my front mudflaps and accommodating the increased space after the body mount modification when I ran across an ingenious solution by Eddie at FJ Fender flaps. I suppose I’m too much of a purist to not have a factory mudflap behind my front tire. This solution looks like it could have come from the factory and is a great way to have a ‘factory finished’ look and get more clearance in the front fender well for a very reasonable price. The material these things are made from will probably be around longer than the truck, which I expect to be a very long time. I highly recommend these if you want the clean factory look and room for large tires.
– Greg Mallory aka RoverGGM

Look great and super heavy duty. Thanks for the product, my stock guards were falling apart.
– Kevin Carson

Got my Rad Rubbers splash guards installed. Much heavier duty than OEM. Thanks, Eddie!
– Grillfish

My damn engine splash guards kept falling off. Hanging and flapping when I drove down the road. They are thin and might as well not even be there. I didn’t know you could buy better after-market engine splash guards and after a bit of research online I stumbled across this guy (rad rubber designs). I think I paid $50 for all 4 guards. They are 3 times thicker and they have way better clips too.. Just saying.. Figured I would give you guys a heads up in case you are having the same problem. I think he sells fender guards too and a couple other things.

The fender flaps that I installed on my customer’s rig are going strong. No problems. And, even though it cost me my normal charge for a BMC, I’m glad that this option was available for her. She really didn’t need a full on BMC to cure the amount of rub she had, therefore, your product was a perfect solution for her.
– Travis Cottrill

Thanks for making such an awesome product. This removed the rub on the 33+ Firestone MT tires. Saved me from a BMC.
– Daniel Coombs

Hello Eddie! I just installed my Rad Rubber Engine Splash Guards! One word, AWESOME!! Not only is the quality FAR SUPERIOR to the factory splash guards, but they also improve the looks! My factory guards were torn and hanging in tattered pieces! Now, my FJ’s fender wells look clean and my engine/compartment is protected! Thanks for the AWESOME product/service! Cheers!
– J.P. Givens

I bought the 4th gen 4Runner engine splash guard flaps for my 2009 Lexus GX470 from you at FJ Summit. I just rebuilt the front suspension this week and finally installed the flaps. They are PERFECT.  I posted them on the Lexus forums and the people love them. Thank you.
– Nathan Clark, Pathfinder Outdoors